Diagnostic Services

Address Wellness offers the opportunity to obtain all the standard laboratory tests as well as specialized functional medicine protocol tests.

Our cardiology diagnostic services include standard tests such as stress tests, echocardiogram, nuclear stress tests and long-term ambulatory ECG monitoring (telemetry).

But our cardiology services that are truly unique are:


The Multifunctional Cardiogram (MCG)


Central Blood Pressure Recording (by AtCor)


Cardiopulmonary Stress Test

The Multifunctional Cardiogram (MCG)

Is a unique cardiovascular device based on the work of mathematics genius Dr. Joseph Shen who decades ago adapted systems theory principles from a physical/engineering environment and applied them to a dynamic biologic environment like the heart.

The MCG analyzes the communication between two electrocardiographic leads, digitizes the signal and changes the output from a time domain to a frequency domain; then applies a series of mathematical transformation calculations to arrive at several indices. These indices represent clinical parameters such as blood flow, the elasticity of the heart, stiffness of the heart muscle, inflammation of the heart.

The resulting pattern is then compared to a database of 42,000 patients who have had the MCG test and have had cardiac catheterization with angiograms. The final result displays the degree of blockage (if any) in the heart’s blood vessels and a host of other clinical parameters. All of this is done under 15 minutes.

Central Blood Pressure Recording

There are dozens of studies which confirm that the blood pressure inside the heart is far more predictive of cardiovascular complications than the brachial (arm) blood pressure. We utilize the device that is in use in several of the top medical centers in the US.

The Cardiopulmonary Stress Test

Combines the exercise ECG with oxygen uptake as well as other lung function measurements. This test frequently distinguishes between the sources of certain symptoms-the heart vs the lungs vs general metabolism.

For more information on the MCG and Dr. Joseph Shen, the founder of Premier Heart www.premierheart.com

For more information on Central Blood Pressure Recording www.atcormedical.com

Our Mission

To reduce the burden of cardiovascular and related chronic diseases by empowering patients to make optimal choices for their health through offering appropriate testing, management, and education.

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