The Protect-My-Heart Program

We look at disorders such as coronary blockages, heart failure, arrhythmias or hypertension, through the lens of Functional Medicine to see important underlying problems such as sleep apnea, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disorders, stubborn weight gain, digestive symptoms, inflammation and other chronic diseases.

This unique customized program has two core components:


Early diagnosis of coronary heart disease


Recognition and management of traditional and non-traditional coronary risk factors

The initial comprehensive evaluation will include the standard ECG, a body composition (body fat-lean mass analysis), a Central Blood Pressure recording, and the Multifunctional Cardiogram (MCG), a cutting-edge diagnostic device. 

Depending on the initial findings, other cardiac tests may include an echocardiogram (to evaluate valvular and ventricular function), a cardiopulmonary stress test (to assess respiratory and metabolic contributions to symptoms), HeartMath studies (to assess stress issues) and a myocardial perfusion imaging (Nuclear stress test). 

The minimum lab tests are the standard blood counts, chemistries, lipids and urine analysis, but may include expanded lipid profiles, inflammation markers, autoimmune markers, insulin resistance studies, hormonal studies, methylation evaluation, stool test for gut barrier function and urine for heavy metals. 

The design of the program is based on the results of these tests but involves a functional medicine style of providing support through detoxification, nutrition and exercise guidance, stress management and the use of targeted supplements.

While the best results are obtained within the structure of a defined program, the following services are available on a stand-alone basis:


  • Multifunctional cardiogram (MCG)
  • Central Blood Pressure recording
  • HeartMath training for stress reduction
  • Infrared Sauna for stress reduction and weight reduction
  • Cardio-pulmonary stress test (CPET), the best test to evaluate general fatigue
  • Evaluation and follow-up by an Integrative Nutritionist
  • Referral to an exercise physiologist

We provide the tools to begin the journey, but performance and commitment are the responsibility of the patient.

Our Mission

To reduce the burden of cardiovascular and related chronic diseases by empowering patients to make optimal choices for their health through offering appropriate testing, management, and education.

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